Sunday, January 13, 2013


My department decided this year that we would use the I-search model for the ninth grade ELA research project.  I used this model while teaching in another district and I liked it because it forced students to reflect on the research and writing process and allowed them to design their own topic and research question.  I won't be doing the I-search for a couple of months but decided to start compiling helpful internet sources so that I have a clear direction once we begin.  One great source suggests using student blogs as a presentation model for the I-search paper.  I love the idea and most certainly will use it since I've been given the freedom to teach this unit as I see fit.  Twenty-first century teaching can be so much fun!

I-search sources:

Read, Write, Think...Using blogs to promote inquiry for the i-search paper

Reference Book, Writing the i-search paper

Model i-search paper